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Football Stars Shine Bright in San Fernando

May 26, 2013   ·   0 Comments

Children's Football Tournament

What could be one of the largest Children’s Football Tournament in Trinidad and Tobago where over fifty schools comprising over 600 students played and enjoyed a day of football at Skinner Park, San Fernando. With over 700 hundred parents looking on from both stands and field the Tournament saw teams from North, East, Central and South participating in this event.

The Featured Speaker was the Mayor of San Fernando, his Worship Dr. Navin Muradali , who also kicked of the Tournament and played a game with the children.

The event had development games in the Under 5,6 ,8 categories with both boys and girls. All children who participated received gold medals as positive reinforcement to let them know they are the future football stars.

The competition alighted with the 10 and under, the largest group of teams in the tournament. With Crown Trace, Sky Football Club, Juda Praise Coaching School, SA international Split Fire SA international, Ralph Coaching School, Marvin Faustin Soccer Clinic, Jan Steadman Soccer School, Marabella Family Crisis, San Fernando Sports Academy A and B and Pleasantville Youth Club. With San Fernando Sports shining brightest on the day winning the finals over Marvin Faustin Clinic in a very close game which finished in Sudden Death penalties kicks with Ralph Coaching school winning  the Under-12 and Princess Town Select the Under-15 titles.

The Tournament was hosted by San Fernando Sports Academy which was founded by Preston Nanan in 2007. This is the eighth and largest developmental tournament organised by this Academy to assist children in the development of football.

The tournament was a success with all children 12 and under receiving gold medals who participated in this tournament as positive reinforcement, letting them know they are winners. Trophies and medals were presented to the winners of the other groups.


The Academy organises two tournaments each year in May and November. The next is carded for2nd November 2013.

The Academy had its graduation ceremony where Certificates were presented and 20 trophies for outstanding players male and female in all age groups. It also holds Easter and Summer football camps.

The Director of the Academy said it is a great day for football in Trinidad and Tobago to have so many boys and girls from 3 years to 15 years play the beautiful game. It would be good to have tournaments like this in other communities in Trinidad and Tobago.

San Fernando Sports Academy was nominated for Community group in 2011 and 2012. Preston Nanan was nominated for Community Champion in 2011 and 2012. The Tournament was nominated for Community Sports in 2011 and won the award in 2012, The Spirit of Sports Award 2012 by The Ministry of Sports and Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago.




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