Did Ahye contemplate the repercussions of her action?

Track and Field athletics in Trinidad and Tobago continues to be a cause for concern as it stumbles along in the darkness of seeming incompetence and indifference. The Commonwealth Games provided us with bitter sweet experiences. The athletes selected caused us to question either the competence of our selectors or that of our available athletes. Not […]

Track and Field athletics in Trinidad and Tobago continues to be a cause for concern as it stumbles along in the darkness of seeming incompetence and indifference. The Commonwealth Games provided us with bitter sweet experiences.

The athletes selected caused us to question either the competence of our selectors or that of our available athletes. Not getting past the preliminary round is catastrophic in itself but this is compounded by the times returned in the various events: times expected from age group athletes. Yet they were selected on or national team.

Our relay performances were way below par and we were outclassed a pathetic outing.

It appears that it’s difficult for some athletes to make the team and even more difficult for them to be removed when selected – regardless of performance. These  occurences must be brought to light because  they  create pockets  for concern in our programme or lack thereof for the development of athletics.

There hangs an air of uncertainty over the incident involving the initial selection of Kelly-Ann Baptiste followed by her subsequent withdrawal only to be replaced by Khalifa St Forte who was not initially selected: co-incidentally, all this after social media protestations by Ato Boldon.

What is the real elucidation for the non-participation of Michelle-Lee Ahye in the relay? Does this situation call for an independent but structure investigation, identification and elucidation of the causes of the issues?

How important is it to represent Trinidad and Tobago?

 Is there any pride in this achievement?

Did Ahye contemplate the repercussions of her action?

Was she coerced into the position she is now responsibility for taking?   Was she the appointed hit man to execute someone else’s grudge or was she acting independently of thought?

Surely ,she did not realize the long term effects of the message that was transmitted to others who try to emulate her .

This is an open cry to call  the nation elders especially the primary and spiritual teachers to emphasize patriotic l commitment.

We have lost the grand statesmen and women that we once had, so ways must be found to remedy this situation.

Given all of the above did Michelle make the best decision?

Was this a loss opportunity for  TT ,Michelle and the 4×100 relay team from   winning a medal possibly gold that would have gone down in the annals of the history of the Commonwealth games?

The Nation, the Government, and the Ministry of Sports stood still. No comments!

Now, is the position  of  inaction taken by  the TTOC and the NAAA to deescalate what is seemingly a standing feud between an athlete and the decision or indecision about continued participation in the games exposes the photo  of consequences of  future participation  on the National team? .

Brian Lewis, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC), has praised the commitment and determination of 2018 Commonwealth Games 100-metre sprint queen Michelle-Lee Ahye,

 The TTOC president is listed in the tabloid as saying:

 “I had set a target of moving from eight gold medals at Commonwealth level to 10 – the magic number for me. We achieved that.”

Why does Mr. Lewis set target number of medals to be achieved?  Is this a personal obsession? He also set a target of 10 Olympic gold medals by 2024 .

This having been recognized, is it prudent to consider as the figment of ones’ imagination or facts or fiction in a matter of affairs of whether TTO is well represented by the current leaders of the TTOC/NAAA organizations?

Should a self-centered leader set personal Goals for others to satisfy his cravings?

Should a self-centered leader be held responsible for playing with the concept of unreasonable expectations to the gullible public athletic fraternity /sorority and government officials?

Should the media and the private business sector continue to openly accepted and perpetuate the concept of unreasonable expectation cast forward by the TTOC?

According to Lewis, “I respect Ahye’s right to choose to accept her coach’s guidance. I’ve seen and read and heard about other speculation, but I’m not into speculation”

Is this a responsible position to adopt? On the other hand the President of the NAAA Mr Ephraim Serrette has openly stated :

In related news, concerning Ahye’s status in the national women’s 4x100m relay team, Serrette said, “I haven’t had any information from Australia. The last thing I know is that she said she wasn’t going to be running any relay.”

Is it logical to assume based on the current positional mindset of these leaders is that there are loose screws of instability in both camp decision making process.

Is The TTOC President obsessed with the thought of Medals acquisitions?

 The NAAA president is busy shuffling the trip rooster of his cabinet. It is Dubai 2019!

As a result of these indiscretions, is the public being lead to accept as true the doctrine of indiscriminate and reckless expectations?

Is “Olympism” an acceptable defense for the President of the TTOC’s inability to make a stand of reasonable expectation grounds for removal from office? THE CABAL IS TOO STRONG!

Is “I am not in Australia” an acceptable and reasonable position to take by the President of the NAAA, Mr. Ephriam  Serrette in defense for his  inability to take a stand ?

Is this a matter for national taxpayers’ concern when people in demanding positions do not make an inquiry or want to get involved?

The TTOC/NAAA Presidents both confirm the knowledge that an athlete has blatantly refused to represent TTO in the female 4X100 meters relay at the Commonwealth Games.

I support The Right of the athlete to invoke the privilege of not taking part  .Does this mean that there is not a national right to be engaged in the rights of we the people?

Qatar  will host the 2019 IAAF world championships.

Will Ahye compete?

 Will Ato allow St. Forte to compete?

Who would run the 4×100 meters relay?

The same players would be around. What will happen?

Would the TTOC shirk its responsibility to address the athletic issue?

Would the TTOC allow the issue to be settled by the Supreme Court?

How would the NAAA handle the issue?

What part will the Sports Commission play?

Will the Supreme Court be asked to intervene?

Who will de-escalate the tension or will it die a natural death?

De-escalation is aimed at calmly communicating with an agitated person in order to understand, manage and resolve their concerns.

 Ultimately, these actions should help reduce the person’s agitation and potential for future aggression.

Would an inadequate intervention, or one occurring too late, may leave authorities needing to utilize coercive measures to manage the antagonistic combatants.

 Despite the importance of de-escalation in promoting a non-coercive environment, the TTOC/NAAA are playing Games with peoples’ emotion on the Worlds’ platform.

This stand Echoes that someone is unclear of the impact of de-escalation research.

Where is the TTO psychologist in this matter? How did the Psychologist handle the Australian Fiasco?

For the past 12 years there has been combatants on the relay teams, Officials have refrained from deciding who will run on the teams,

There are personality problems existing at all levels.

Why there are no published reports on foreign escapades?

The latest report is alleged to be “a weather report format” which was defended by the TTOC President.

The hush report of the 2016 Olympics came out by way of an interview with TTOC President Brian Lewis. The highlight of the interview was “I am not going to answer that question”

Dr.Cliff Bertrand



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